5 Men’s Watch Brands to Watch Right Now

The watch is really the making of a man, so you should take yourtime in selecting yours. Recently watch has brands have been paying very close attention to the world of menswear to create stylish timepieces that coordinate with what we’re wearing. This means that the choice when it comes to men’s watches is simply massive. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start! Fear not, whether you’re into divers or drivers, here’s 5 watch brands you need to check out now!


The Alpina brand has just introduced the Horological Smartwatch – the bridge between Silicon Valley and the Swiss watch industry. These Swiss Horological Smartwatches are capable of two-way communication with iPhone and with Android apps – and they look amazing!


U-Boat watches have distinguished features compared to other timepieces. Their use of materials is hugely selective, making them really stand out. Made in Italy, U-Boat build their watches to convey power and confidence, finishing them with a large crown of the left hand side of the face.

Uniform Wares

Uniform Wares create watches that embody character through their intelligent design, not branding. Established in 2009, Uniforms objective is to create a progressive, clean wristwatch collection for the modern man and woman.


With the motto ‘Simple Design for a Better Life’, Skagen combine the inspiration of the Danish design perspective with contemporary innovation. Their functional and purposeful, quality products offer asimple alternative in a complex world.

Rossling& Co.

You’ll fall for these ultra-thin and versatile dress watches instantly. With their unique tweed straps, Rossling& Co. combines classic styles, minimalist contemporary designs and noble materials to create timeless watches.Since its first days, Rossling&Co’s mission has been to create quality watches that are stylish and versatile, and they’re succeeding.

Meshable Watches

This contemporary watch brand is based in Germany. The create progressive design products, that at the same time reflect the values of classic horology. With a philosophy is based on pure simplicity and devotion for timeless details, it’s hard not to love their elegant pieces.

A watch should show thatyou have truly made the effort.The great thing is that these days there is truly so much choice when it comes to men’s watches.There really is something out here for everyone! Got another brand you long? Let us know, and tell what you think of these few!