Is Sports Luxe the new Smart?

One of the best things about the world of fashion is that trends are continually changing and adapting – making is continually exciting and interesting. In one breath a trend can be so popular and in high demand, and in the next it can be totally outdated and unwanted. However, one trend in particular that emerged in 2015 appears to be here to stay. Sports Luxe has gone from strength to strength and is seemingly disproving the short life expectancy of trends, but is it taking over and becoming the new smart?

Sports Luxe wear has taken fashion by surprise, steadily creeping up until it’s everywhere. Let’s start off with what exactly it is. Also known as athleisure, Sport Luxe is the combination of sports with luxury wear and it is a trend that has now been adapted by huge designer brands across the globe. From couture trainers to posh joggers, so many brands have encompassed the idea and brought out their own ranges.

It’s easy to understand why this range has taken off with such success. It’s comfortable, easy to wear, and largely pretty flattering – what’s not to love?  As with any trend, there is always a peak piece and when it comes to sports luxe, that can be found in the joggers. Jogging bottoms used to be associated solely with casual, sports attires, and commonly troublesome youths of the 21st century. Times have now changed and the joggers have moved onto so much more, with designers completely rejuvenating the perception of the pants. The big brands of the world including Reiss, Jimmy Choo, Anthony Morato and Adidas have evolved the look with some clever tailoring. Those tired, baggy styles are a thing of the past, as these brands have used slim legged fittings combined with technical fabrics to add a certain luxury. This has taken ‘sweatpants’ into a whole new realm, massively broadening the market for the product, reaching not only the fashionable youths of the generation but also the thriving sports and gym focussed consumers.

It is immediately apparent to see where the trend gets its name, as the sports luxe look is so much more than just a couple ofsimple mens tracksuits. High in demand, the trend is now varied, with everything from blazers, shirts, jumpers and t-shirts, that are all crafted in the same laid back, luxe style.This unique style concept has allowed creators to infuse garments with the sports luxe pieces that may have seemed strange years ago but now is aesthetically appealing and more than acceptable. The combination of blazers with joggers seems so abnormal on paper, but newly founded designs have made this work it’s really taken the fashion world by a storm.

By maintaining key core components, fabulous outfits can be created displaying the foundations of the sport luxe style, cementing it as a key style of our times.  Anyone can achieve this statement look with just a slight wardrobe adjustment. Today it is the leading look in terms of smart casual wear, offering you multiple options when It comes to deciding on what you want to wear. So why not take the plunge into a look that is now popular worldwide? With the ability to remain looking sharp and smart, but while also being comfortable and relaxed, we would strongly urge you to be fearless and give sports luxe a go!