When it’s hot we always don’t know what to wear to office, but we found decision. You can try long sleeve blazers and loafers or buckled flatform sandals to look good and feel good.

Every fashion girl is always hunting for some new outfits for her office fashion game. To tell the truth, wearing that classic combination like black trousers and white shirt could get old in the future, let’s be realistic. So after watching these thousands of photos of our favorite fashion bloggers, models, it girls, street fashion stars, celebrities, we have found a new look, that is absolutely amazing. We love blazers and we will love them for a long time. We love long sleeve blazers, but the best variant for summer is a sleeveless blazer, it looks stylish and you will not die from that heat.

We offer you to try a smart dress with a sleeveless blazer, a little bag and loafers. We absolutely adore this look because it is not only appropriate for every office in the world, it’s also a simple way to look glossy and polished with minimal effort. Apart from looking attractive, you will also feel comfortable.

There are more variants of this look. You can wear monochrome dress or a bright dress with some statement print (not with a cute kitty obviously), your dress can be modern or vintage, midi or maxi etc. Also you can try to wear a shirt dress. This is one of the hottest trends of the season and it looks fresh and nice. You can even match it with dark blazer paired with light colored shirts and pants.

Loafers can be of any color you prefer. We offer you to wear them with socks, but be careful, socks with funny puppies for office are not a bright idea. Also a great summer variant of footwear is sabot.

Of course you can be a person that really doesn’t like loafers, so we found some variants for you. First of all – shoes (classic or trendy) or you can try buckled flatform sandals (they are on TOP this summer). But if you want to wear sandals, please, remember about pedicure, it’s very important.

Also we want to tell something interesting about loafers. We have just finished our rounds at SS17 and we noticed one thing. There were loafers everywhere. Loafers will be one of the 2017 trends. There will be horsebit loafers, classic moc-toe loafers, also the slimmed-down silhouette which was introduced by Tom Ford.

One more interesting fact about horsebit detailing on the loafer’s upper: it was introduced in 1966. They weren’t very popular in that time, because they were quite expensive, not everyone could afford them.

But today there is not a problem (if you don’t want those original Gucci loafers of course), you can go to the mall or shop online, try this beautiful chic and comfortable trend the first. But, most probably you have to remember that you should be ease enough to carry this dress.

We hope that the article was useful and interesting and you knew some new facts. There is no tragedy to work in summer, you just should know what to wear to feel comfortable and look chic.