The Benefits of Buying a Loose Diamond

Buying a diamond is quite possibly one of the biggest purchases and investments you will ever make in your life. For some reason, there is often a misconstrued assumption that buyingloose diamonds will come at more of a cost than buying something that is pre-set, when in fact the opposite can often be true!

The benefits of buying loose diamonds are not generally known, but they can in fact work out cheaper, along with providing many other benefits. Loose diamonds seem to have a reputation of being a collector’s item, that are unsuitable for purchase by the average person. Again, this perception is not accurate. Loose diamonds can actually be an affordable commodity. Whether considering wedding rings, engagement rings or any other type of jewellery – it is often much cheaper to purchase a loose diamond and have a jeweller set it in a design of your choice, than to buy a pre-set item!

Another key advantage of buying a loose diamondthat has not yet been set is that you can accurately see it in its true form. Sometimes settings can be purposely placed to hide any flaws or blemishes in the diamond. Buying a loose diamond will allow you to focus on the stone’s quality for the best selection possible. You get to inspect the whole diamond before it gets mounted, which means you will have the time to check for any potential problems and to verify any issues.

If you’re selecting an engagement ring in particular, it needs to be unique and special. Finding this among pre-set rings is really difficult and time consuming. But purchasing a loose diamond, you can have in custom made and crafted to exactly how your loved one would want it. What’s more, you could even propose with the diamond, and then get a ring made together with your fiancé to their exact specifications. What better way to get around worrying that she won’t like the ring than to let her pick a design she loves herself?

It can also often be easier for you to make a purchase inside your required budget. Most jewellers carry limited pre-set rings, so you may not always be able to find one that fits both your budget and criteria. You may either be forced to raise your budget or to make a compromise and settle for less. By buying a loose diamond and saving some money, you will literally get more for less!

Furthermore, if you are considering diamonds as a form of investment, you probably do not want to buy a pre-set ring or a setting. Loose diamonds have more liquidity and are easier to be evaluated by buyers for their value, so are definitely the better option.

As you can see, it can be very worthwhile opting for loose diamonds as opposed to pre-set jewellery. Always remember to buy from a reputable trader and do you research before making your purchase.